Welcome to the world of digital marketing!

FeaturedWelcome to the world of digital marketing!

The digital world can be overwhelming. What message should you send? How should you send it? How does a company wade online and make a splash — and lots of cash?

Digital marketing is, at core, no different than traditional marketing. Marketing is a means for a business to keep in constant contact with customers (and potential customers), so that the business can profit by reading customers’ needs, developing products and services to meet these needs, and building a strategic program of communication to express the business’ purpose.

But what makes digital marketing different – in fact, what makes it unprecedented – is that the digital medium allows for marketing’s effects to be measured, from the time a person spends on a page to where costumers are coming from, and where they are going to.

Once upon a time, a business would advertise in a newspaper or on television or radio and hope their message would be heard. With digital marketing, a business can not only place an ad (or advertorial content) directly in front of a customer, that business can build different ads for different customers depending on the social networks they use.

With digital marketing, advertising has never had more power to influence.

But digital marketing also puts power in the hands of customers. Customers gave give instant and public feedback on products and services thanks to social media. You know the adage, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Digitally savvy customers can not only give feedback, they can help create new products and services, and enhance brands via crowdsourcing and microtasking.

How should a business wield – and yield to – these digital powers? Many attempt to harness the power of digital in an intuitive way. But just as a naturally talented writer or athlete thrives input from coaches, mentors and education to improve their skills, so should anyone seeking to marketing digitally.

This blog will help you learn how to digitally market with expertise and a with a plan. By reading this blog, you’ll learn:

  • how to blog
  • how to take advantage of search engines and their optimization
  • how to utilize paid search terms and Google AdWords
  • how to effectively design content and interfaces for the Web
  • how to understand web analytics and measure Return on Investment
  • how to successfully market on social media
  • how to manage your online reputation and your customer relationships

All of these skills will help you create a community for your business’ product, values and brand. By creating this community, you’ll create a talented, faithful group of consumers who will help spread your business’ word in a positive way – and help you make money.

If you want to become a pro digital marketer, you’ve come to the write place. What do you want to learn about? Tell me in the comments!

Let’s dive in together!